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"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire

#1 This is a free virtual space of absolute freedom of speech. Here everyone is granted the possibility to proclaim one’s own opinion(s) with equal freedom, no matter what these opinions may be. Thus, I refuse the outrageous hypocrisy of our self-righteous societies, which prefer to promulgate laws against brutality and ignorance rather than provide themselves with the (existing) means to actually fight them. On the contrary, I think that the only possible approach to every kind of freedom is a libertarian one, capable of creating liberty only if equally shared. Therefore, with this web page, I recognize everyone's equal freedom and the consequent full personal responsibility to express and proclaim one's personal opinion(s).

#2 The acknowledgement of this absolute freedom of speech, that allows everyone to proclaim their own opinion(s), does not imply the mutual understanding and acceptance of all opinions. Within absolute freedom, opinions which imply contempt for other humans and their freedom (such as racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, revisionism, sadism, paedophilia, or more generally hate) will not achieve the acknowledgement they seek, i.e. by means of controversy, disdain or censorship. I am aware that inhuman and antilibertarian ideas, expressions of wounded sensibilities, cannot be eradicated by limiting freedom. The best remedy to a deplorable state of things is the creation of a situation able to cure it. In fact, prohibition itself stimulates violation. For this reason I believe that, by granting these ideas (and the people bearing them) the freedom of expression, their absurdity will be revealed by their inconsistent formulation, application and abuse of the right to absolute free self-expression itself. This way the abolition of absolute freedom will be impossible.

#3 Defamation, scorns and insults reveal the wounded sensibility of their bearer. Those who are sincere, authentic and open must not be afraid of criticism, as words puncture only those gaseously obese with their falsity. They are able to scoff both at libel and at praise. I want everything to be said and nothing to be sacralized nor unsaid. For this reason I privilege open-mindedness, criticism, humor and self-irony.

4# Up until now, the free expression of opinions and ideas has been subdued by dominant ideologies and standardization. The exercise of freedom of expression is nowadays perverted by technological advances in mass manipulation, advertisement, propaganda, communication, information and spectacularization of personal experiences, aiming to create dispirited consciousnesses and destitute, self-censured thoughts. With this web page I wish to challenge this perverted and debased use of freedom of speech. The established authority - currently manifested in the dominion of entertainment, in the fetishism for money, in this predatory economy of misery - has always needed to protect itself, to treat humans as blind, unable to lead themselves, reducing thoughts and opinions to an eternal and spectacularized fight of good and evil. I believe that the moment has come to overcome every formal freedom in favor of authentic freedom, sincere and equal for everyone.

5# Human beings have been conditioned, forcibly guided, corrected, governed and controlled for too long. For this reason, many find it difficult to conceive of or propose societal changes that are different from other previously established and explored forms of power. I acknowledge independent critical thought as a powerful means for fighting against this crisis of the disheartened consciousness and against every form of absolute, pre-established thought (may it be religious, ideological or political). We will fight with the only tools able to eradicate them: by thinking for ourselves, by recognizing our own responsibilities, by giving up comfortable dependence, by discovering our desires and what existences we want to lead, by creating situations supporting freedom and preventing the ascendency of inhumanity.

About Anonymity

Anonymity, being defined in relations of power, is a subversive reaction to a constrictive and punitive system. In this system, it is the name what makes a person traceable, indictable, punishable. For this reason, in this project (clearly fighting the possibility of legal limitations to the expression of one's thought or opinion) I am leaving the possibility of escaping punishment by means of anonymity. To criticize anonymity as irresponsible reveals a notion of individual (and responsibility) ascribable to the constrictive and punitive system in which it is inscribed. Responsibility, in this sense, is intended as traceability and punishability. In my opinion, this outlandish notion of responsibility causes the actions and thoughts of individuals to be driven by the fear of punishment, and by a pre-established and interiorized system of rules, and not, on the contrary, by full consciousness of one's own actions, and of the meaning of these actions. By not recognizing delegacy or dependence, I regard everyone directly responsible, even in the anonymity of the network, for the proclamation of ideas.